Sell Products Online: Register on MYDAILYGOODS+ app and start selling products online. Add products or select from MYDAILYGOODS mastersheet, update rates, run coupons, and boost your online sales. Create a website in in 10 mins at zero setup cost.

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Are Customers Finding You

How to sell products online without Amaz...

Are Customers Finding You

A complete guide to sell products online...

Are Customers Finding You

How to Find Shop Near Me with MyDailyGoods?

Are Customers Finding You

How do you sell products online without ...


Create Online Store, Create a Website & App in just 15 minutes

To sell products online, you need not to spend lakhs of money. Nor, months of your precious time is required. MyDailyGoods assures you to get online and start selling in just 15 minutes. Share your store link to your customers and sell your products online. No profit sharing on every order that you get. Provide all the facilities to your customers like coupons, free gifts, COD, Delivery, Online payment options. Create your online store and mobile app and launch it in no time. Check out the video to know more about how to sell your products online.

Sell Products Online with MyDailyGoods+

Once your shop is ready, you could share your shop link to your customers. Run coupons to boost your sales, provide free gifts above certain cart values. Share products from your shop to customers to attract customers, manage inventory, maintain customer's account like khata, etc. has become simpler than anyone could imagine. Placing monthly orders has become lot more easy with the Regular list feature for customers.

Nothing could help you better than this app.


MyDailyGoods is completely a different model. Our vision is to get every shop online and help it emerge as an independent brand. Such market place model platforms charge more than 15 to 30 percent commission on every order. MyDailyGoods is a subscription-based model starting from 250/- monthly only.

You just need to have a mobile number and an email to register with us. Even if you are exempted from GST, you could start selling online with us. You need to upload atleast 1 photo of your shop and 5 products to get your shop online.

No, you could exit from MyDailyGoods platform any time. You just need to Keep your shop offline by pressing a button on the app. For the time you are offline, your shop will not appear in search.

You could let us know about the requirement. We will add the products of that particular brand for you, or, you could add those products on your own.

Groceries, dairy products, gifts, stationary products could be easily sold on our platform.

It's very easy to create a website, your online shop on MyDailyGoods. As you upload products and make your shop live on MyDailyGoods+, Customers will be able to search your shop on MyDailyGoods app. They will get to see your online shop with all products that you have listed. They could easily add products to cart and place order.

We provide you 3 options:
- No home delivery (Customer will come to your shop and pick up the order)
- Home delivery (You add a fixed home delivery charges and will send your delivery boy to deliver the order to customers address.)
- Allow customer to opt between home delivery and self-pick up.
MDG do not provide any delivery service. This has to managed by the shop keeper.

Two options will be available on your shop for the customers to make payment:
- Cash On Delivery (COD) In case customer make self pick-up, he will make payment to your displayed UPI ID or in cash. You will update the received amount on the order page. In case of Home delivery, your delivery guy will collect the money and will hand it over to you. You will update the received amount on the order detail page.
- Online Payment You need to provide your band details under MyDailyGoods+ app. Once your bank details are with us, the customer get option to make online payment using any online payment mode. 95% of order value goes to your linked account while 5% are deducted as payment gateway fee.

Once an order is placed by customer, order could be cancelled by customer itself before it is delivered. Even the shop keeper could reject the order in case, delivery is not possible or shortage of products or due to any other reason. In case online payment has been made for the order and afterwards it is cancelled or rejected, the amount after deducting transaction charges of 5% refunds back to the customer.

You could share app link, website link directly on WhatsApp or other social media platforms to make your customers aware of your online presence. Under MyDailyGoods+ app you get option to print your shop QR code and display them on your shop. Customers could easily scan QR code to reach to your shop. All online shops could always be searched by customer with name, city wise or by searching in near by locations option.

MyDailyGoods Plus is best suited for business owners who wants to create a website to grow online business. MDG would help you launch your online store, add to your customer base and most importantly help retain your existing customers. In addition, for frequent repeat purchases from customers, MDG Regular List feature can help customers make those purchases more easily and faster, thus boosting sales and repeat orders.

No. MydailyGoods don’t charge you on per order basis. You pay fix monthly subscription. To know about our pricing plans, click HERE. Hyperlink pricing:

Install MyDailyGoods+ app and register using your phone number. Login and complete 3 steps to launch your website and app:
- Complete registration with atleast 1 store picture.
- At atleast 5 products
- Visit dashboard
Sell your products online. Customer will get to see your shop on MyDailyGoods app.

MyDailyGoods is even better than a free website builder. because their you need to add categories, banners, pages, setup pages. But in MyDailyGoods as soon as you select shop type, you get your online shop on website as well as on mobile app. Just upload products and use inbuilt features to boost sales.