List of Banned Products


Not to be sold on and mobile applications (Indicative List not exhaustive)

1. Adult Products and Pornographic/ Obscene Materials (including child pornography) in any form (Print, audio/video, MMS, images, photographs, etc.)

2. Alcohol, medicines or any other product which need prior confirmation from doctor or an authorized person or government.

3. Animals, Endangered species whether live or dead including it’s not allowed to be sold parts or products.

4. Any article/material/service which cannot be exhibited, advertised, made available, offered for sale at e-commerce platforms/ technology due to restrictions/conditions/prohibition for sale of those articles / material/ service unless all those conditions are met pursuant to the Applicable Laws.

5. Any item/material which may assist in performance of any illegal or unlawful activity .

6. Counterfeit/expired/not fit for consumption Goods.

7. Hazardous materials, poison, acid, Fire Arms, ammunitions, weapons, other deadly weapons, and parts of, and machinery for manufacturing, arms, ( articles designed solely for domestic uses such as paper cutter, kitchen knife , lighter, blender, etc. could be sold).

8. Any prohibited items as per law or item which needs prior approval, registration, license, etc. from concerned authority .

This portal is for small business owners who wants to sell online groceries, daily consumable goods, stationary items , gifts , etc. which a customer could buy from nearby shop.