Why MDG is famous among local shopkeepers - Get online shop for free

Right now it is a century of online goods. Everyone wants to purchase online even if it is the smallest thing because we don’t have to go anywhere to purchase anything online. In this era, if shopkeepers are not online, they are losing a huge chunk of their customers. To get online shop we have multiple options but right now Mydailygoods is becoming popular among local shopkeepers. There are many reasons behind this-

1) No commission- 

The first and biggest reason is the no-commission policy of Mydailygoods. MDG does not take my commission on any order. You can get as many orders as you want from this. You don’t have to give any commission. All your money will be yours. 

Amazon and Flipkart are the top online-selling platforms right now but they take commission on every product you are selling on their platform. Their commission goes up to 30% of the value of your product. In the name of referral fees, closing fees etc, they take up to 30-40% of your product value. This is why start selling online with Mydailygoods with its 0% commission policy. 

2)Free Shop- 

To save ourselves from the commission of Amazon and Flipkart, we can make a website or web portal for our shop. To make our website we need a developer and designer and this can cost a lot. To make our website we also have to make our account on Shopify or platforms like this. These platforms take their monthly fees from 2000/- to 23,000/-. These can be very costly for a beginner or a local shopkeeper. 

That is why it is a better option to get online shop on mydailygoods. In MDG you get the first 15 days free and after that, their monthly basic plan fee is only 250 rupees which is less than a regular-sized pizza. 

3)Easy setup-

To start selling online we need to make our shop on any platform but all the platforms out there have a hard setup system. You need a designer or developer to get online shop. On Mydailygoods we can set up our online store in just 15 minutes. After that, you can add as many products as you want and if you want to change anything in any of your products or delete any product, you can also do that easily. 

4)Your shop your brand-

When shopkeepers sell on Amazon or platforms like this, they do not have their shop. They have a product only. So if someone is searching for your product then they can see all the products available on that platform and they can also compare the prices. Amazon and Flipkart also sell their products so it is very hard to get your product to sell on Amazon and you cannot give the link of your shop on Amazon to your existing customer as they will also compare on that platform. On Mydailygoods you have your shop and you can easily share your shop with your customers. 

5) Hassle-free delivery-

Mydailygoods gives you three options for delivery. You can set any option that you want. If at first, you want to pause delivery options then you can. Your existing customers can order online and self-pick whenever it is convenient for them. If your customers want delivery, then you have 2 options. First is your delivery, you can hire a guy in your shop for this work only and they can handle all your deliveries. You can add delivery charges as you like. The second option is the third-party delivery option, in this, you don’t have to do anything. A delivery person will come and pick up the order from you and will deliver it. 

On Amazon, this type of delivery has a lot of additional cost but if you start online selling on MDG, there is no additional cost to it. 

6) Returns are up to you-

On Amazon and Flipkart, there is a big issue of returns. Local shopkeepers are irritated by the returns on Amazon because it is so easy on Amazon to return any product but on Mydailygoods, returns are up to you. If you as a shopkeeper think that the reason for the return is right, you can take the return or not, it is all up to you. 

So these are some big reasons, why local shopkeepers are leaving these well-known platforms and making their online shop on Mydailygoods. 

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