How To Start An Online Grocery Store

Are you a grocery store owner or looking to start a grocery store online? Then you might be puzzled with a pool of questions –

  • How to start an online grocery store? 
  • From where to get a website developed for online grocery shop? 
  • What all features are required to take online orders?
  • How would I reach my online customers who wants to buy grocery online?
  • How to convert my shop name into an online brand?

How much would it cost for online grocery store?

Getting an online grocery shop is the need of the hour. The very first thought could be registering with Amazon, Flipcart, etc. It’s a good idea if you are ready to pay them around 20% as commission. That means on an order of 1000 rs you will get around 800 rs. This doesn’t sound good if you already have a good client base. Neither you would like to ask your existing customer base to register to

these platforms and get exposed to all the vendors listed there. Would you like to participate in the discounts rat race of the big names? 
To retain your offline customers, providing a separate website would cost you a lot. A website to sell grocery online, a mobile app for customers would cost you in lakhs with basic features. Apart from this one-time cost, you need a dedicated person to maintain website and apps. Development companies would charge you for this as maintenance cost. Maintenance cost burden would be charged annually, including Hosting charges, customizations, etc. Anyways you need to have an easily manageable grocery store online to retain customers now a days. 

But you know there is a much simple way to launch your grocery store online. Log on to MYDAILYGOODS.COM as a vendor or download Android app MyDailyGoods+ and get your online grocery store live in just 15 minutes, free of cost. Yes, it’s absolutely free to get onboard and test how it works.

Shopkeeper Benefits of using MyDailyGoods

There are numerous benefits of using MDG, like

    1. Zero setup cost
    2. Simple and easy onboarding process
    3. Access to products master sheet to speedup products uploading process.
    4. Free access to updated features
    5. Single order to single vendor (no mixing of vendors)
    6. Your discounts, your coupons, your freebies, no intervention from us.
    7. Boost your sale using marketing features inbuilt in app.

      The platform is so easy to use: add products, receive orders that within no time you would get accustomed. Give it a try, click to download MDG Vendor’s mobile app

      Benefits of using MyDailyGoods to customers

      Everyone wants to purchase from the nearby trusted shop. If not possible they place order online, knowing that they will have to pay extra for the shipping and delivery and without any assurance of the quality of goods. Obviously, anyone providing delivery from nearby will not add hefty overhead charges. Also, there is trust factor when you personally know the shop. So actually,

      • You get to buy from trusted shop
      • No overheads, no hidden charges as the shops are nearby only
      • Quick delivery
      • Easy to search online grocery shop
      • Self-pickup option, to avoid delivery charges
      • Regular list feature- to order monthly requirements easily

      Customers could purchase online from mydailygoods.com (search store by name, city or from nearby location) or could go to play store and download app from the link:

      In case you don’t find the shop looking for, either you could help the shopkeeper in getting onboard with us from website or vendor app to get their grocery store online or you could let us know about the shop:

      Visit Shop  

      We strongly believe that there should never be few players controlling the whole market. Everyone should get a share and should be able to prosper. Let’s join hands and create growth opportunities for everyone.

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