How to Sell Products Online: Start selling online with the help of these 11 steps (2024)

These are times when online selling is one of the essentials in our business industry as the majority of people want to shop online for anything they want. From groceries to gadgets everything is online right now. But the major question here is how to sell products online and start booming your business. Start selling online so it can be a lucrative venture but only when you apply the right strategy and approach. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Simple steps to start selling online-

1. Choose the right products 

2. Market Research

3. Create a business plan

4. Select a sales platform 

5. Build your online store

6. List your products

7. Payments and security

8. Shipping and fulfilment

9. Marketing and promotion

10. Customer service

11. Legal and regulatory compliance

1. Choose the right products

Decide what type of products you want to sell. I you have some knowledge about any area then this will be beneficial for you to select the right type of product. Research the market demand, competition, and profitability of different product categories. Good research always results in a better choice of products so make sure you take your time in research. 

Try to opt for unique products that others are not providing. You could try little variations, or customizations so that you stand out in the crowd of this digital age of online selling.

2. Market Research

after selecting the right product to sell online. The second we should do is to analyse our target audience, their preferences, and their purchasing behaviors. Identify gaps in the market that your products can fill. What are the things that other products in your category lack? You could fill those gaps and provide your customers with the best experience so that they can be your customers for a long time. You could even run small surveys and collect views of target customers even before starting to collect even more data on this so you can provide the best product that the market does not have right now.

3. Create a Business Plan

Make a business plan to Outline your business goals, pricing strategy, marketing approach, and financial projections. Without a plan, everything will be blurred and it will be very hard to carry on for a long time because sometimes things don’t go your way. A plan will help you with this. A well-thought-out plan will guide your actions and decisions. No business starts earning from the very first day. Always prepare yourself for the worst. Keep yourself and your team motivated. Think through things that can be changed or improved. 

4. Select a Sales Platform

Choose an appropriate online sales platform based on your business needs. We need to develop a website to sell our products online but getting your website developed can consume a lot of time and money. We need developers and website designers to make and design our website. Maintenance of such websites is also not easy. To stop this maintenance cost you could start with any online marketplace to sell products online. 

A few online Marketplaces that are very popular are Amazon (Takes commission on every order), eBay (Takes commission on every order) etc. These platforms are good to sell online but they take a commission on every order that you are going to sell and the commission could go up to 30%. We need to have a platform that is good from both sides.

MyDailyGoods (No profit sharing on every order, plans to start from 250/- monthly) is an amazing option to start selling online and get your shop up and running in no time.  On this it is super easy to make your shop online and start selling online without any entry fees and the first 15 days are free too. So you can easily try and test it free of cost.

5. Build Your Online Store

Set up your store on the chosen platform. Customize the design, layout, and product listings to reflect your brand's identity. While other platforms still need efforts in customization and banners, you could start with 
MyDailyGoods, where the biggest advantage is that you get your shop to promote your brand. 

It is super easy to change anything that you want in your online shop with this platform and you can also manage your inventory flawlessly without any trouble because this platform is made so that any user and understand and use it effortlessly. 

You get default banners and a colour theme set. If you want, you can change them any time. Everything could be done from your mobile itself but if you want to work on a web dashboard it is also available. Even the POS (Point of Sales) facility is available on the dashboard for the shopkeeper to maintain records of both online and offline sales.

6. Product Listings

Create compelling product descriptions and attractive, genuine images. Highlight key features, benefits, and any unique selling points to attract potential customers. While on Amazon, or Flipkart you might need to get a professional photoshoot done for your product to get them uploaded on these websites, as there is a lot of completion on every product but on MyDailyGoods you could upload images clicked from your mobile as when someone comes to your shop they are only looking at your products not the whole comparison list. The platform is very simple and easy to use.

7. Payment and Security

Every marketplace platform provides a payment gateway facility so that shopkeepers can collect payments online. MyDailyGoods also provides you simple pay online or cod facility to offer to your customers. When they pay online the money comes to your bank account directly only processing time is taken. Unlike Amazon and Flipkart as they send you your money in one week after cutting their commission. 

8. Shipping and Fulfilment

Decide on shipping options, rates, and carriers. You can handle shipping yourself. You can consider hiring someone for your deliveries only or outsourcing to a third-party fulfilment centre.

At MyDailyGoods, you get three options-

1. No home delivery (Customer will come to your shop for self-pickup)

2. Shopkeeper-managed Home Delivery (You have a delivery boy to handle shipping)

3. MyDailyGoods, a third-party shipping facility in which a delivery person will come to your shop to collect the parcel and they will deliver it. You don’t have to do any deliveries yourself. (Ship Rocket)

9. Marketing and Promotion


Marketing is the most important thing after making your online shop as this is the major reason for sales on online shops. Develop a marketing strategy to drive traffic to your online store. You can use various platforms to learn that or If you have a sum of money to invest, you can also consider hiring a digital marketing professional to manage your online marketing efforts. 

Use digital marketing tactics such as social media marketing where you advertise on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Content creation is also one of the major marketing strategies nowadays as Content has the power to impact people and everyone is watching some type of content online. So if you want your products to do well online. Making content around it can be a great idea.  

You can also opt for email marketing in which you email potential customers so that they can know about your store.  You can also do influencer collaborations in which you team up with an influencer to market your products and last but not least paid advertising is also an option to generate sales in your online business. 

MyDailyGoods marketing team could help you out in all this. You just need to decide how much business you want to generate and your target audience and area.

10. Customer Service

Provide excellent customer service and support to your customers according to your product. You can also do it through various channels like email, live chat, and phone calls. Solve customer inquiries and concerns. Take customer feedback on your services and products promptly.

11. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ensure that you adhere to local, regional, and national laws related to online selling, taxes, data privacy, and consumer protection. So that your online business can boom without any legal complications. 

Remember that success in online selling takes time and effort. Building a strong brand, delivering value to customers, and adapting to changing market dynamics are key elements to establishing a thriving online business.

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