How to create a website free in 7 steps

To create a website free and without any coding knowledge. There are these 7 simple steps that you can follow. 

1.       Select your niche

2.       Go to MyDailyGoods

3.       Register for free

4.       Add your details

5.       Add products

6.       Customize your website

7.       Promote your store

1. Select your niche-

Before making your website firstly you need to decide what kind of products and services you want to provide to your customers. If you already have a store offline, then you can sell those products online but if you do not have any store or products that you already sell then it is a very important thing to find. If you have any passion, then it is best because you can follow it and sell things that come into that category. But if you want to find something new then Google is your best friend because you can search for products and see what kind of products are in demand. 

You have to find a wholesaler or manufacturing unit to build your inventory and then you can create your website and sell products online.

2. Go to MyDailyGoods-

To create a website online for free, you need a platform where you can do it. If you don’t know any coding or any knowledge about website building then MyDailyGoods is the best platform you can go to because MyDailyGoods will build your website in minutes without any hassle.  You just need to add some of your store details. Just go to www.mydailygoods.com or download the app Mydailygoods+ from the Google Play Store and you can get started in Minutes. 

3. Register for free-

Once you open the website or download the app then the second thing to do is register. Just click on register and add some details about your store or whatever type of shop you want to create. You can choose from 45 different categories of shops. Choose the shop type that suits best for your business and then add the name that you want for your shop. Choose the name wisely as this will be your brand in future. Then add your 10-digit mobile number and click verify. Then add the OTP that MyDailyGoods have sent to your mobile number. After all these steps just click on register. Now your first step is done. 

4. Add your details-

After that, you need to add a picture of your store. If you have a physical store you can add a picture of that here or you can simply add your brand logo here. You can add up to 5 images. This will show when someone goes to your online store. If you do not have a brand logo then this is the time you make one. 

Now just add in your store location or if you are doing it from home. You can add the location and timing of your shop. 

 5. Add products-

Now add your products. You should add at least 5 products so your store will look good. Now Adding products is the main task. First, click on Add Products and then first add the name of the product. Then add a short description of the product and then a long description. Descriptions are not necessary to write in MyDailyGoods but you should do it for better conversions. Now we need to add the price of our product. You can give a discount if you want. Either you can percentage or Price after discount that is why it is so easy to do. 

After that, we need to choose the category of our product. Then add weight and quantity and then add a clear picture of your product. Adding a clear picture is important because people will buy what they like and no one likes blurred pictures. So upload clear pictures of your products. It is so easy in MyDailyGoods because they do not ask for any specific dimension or anything. You just have to upload it. If you can, you should get a professional photoshoot done of your product so it will look more unique and stylish. 

Congratulations! You have made your website in just 15 minutes. You can enjoy your website for 15 days totally free then there is a bare minimum monthly subscription fee. Which is less than a regular-sized pizza. Now there are some things to do if you want your online shop to be a success. 

6. Customize your website-

Now it is time that you make your website a little stylish so customers can like it. Firstly, MyDailyGoods provides you with basic designs so if you want you can leave it like that. If you want, you can change the banner image of your store. You can make it yourself with the help of Canva or other online tools. You can also simply choose from templates that MyDailyGoods provides. They provide it according to the shop type that you have selected previously. 

You can change the colour of your shop using different colour themes that MyDailyGoods has provided and wollaa! Your online store is ready. You have created a website in no time. Now you can easily run your business easily. In the next step, you will know how you can promote your online store so people can come and buy from you. 

7. Promote your store – 

Now it is time to promote your store online. You should first share it with your existing customers so they can shop online. If you are new to this then you can always go for online marketing which is called digital marketing. You run ads and Do the SEO of your online store so people can come to your store and buy from you. You can either learn digital marketing yourself or you can hire someone who already know about it. 

In conclusion, making a website is a hard task with coding and other things but if you do it with a platform that provides you with an easy interface like MyDailyGoods. You can do it easily and in minutes with the best results. I hope you liked this article please feel free to comment and ask any questions that you have. We will help you as soon as we can. Chao!

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How to create a website free in 7 steps

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